Jude Law (just to piss them off – chapter # 2817)


“DA man” or LOVE is THE LAW. Yes, ladies & gentlemen.

It´s incredible how heated people can get over other people´s happiness, selfies (yes: there is a selfie hater patrol who, curiously, loves to expose extremely quirky and intimate parts of their lives) and love affairs.

My little* story with Jude Law (whom I shortly met in London at the back of Noel Coward theatre after his FABULOUS performance on Shakespeare “Henry V”) has caused quite a stir, curiosity and irritation. I admit: my public (teenage like) passionate posts on facebook and blogs may lead some people to wonder (all sorts of things) but what strikes me as odd is the kind of fire it provokes in men and women.

Most women who comment on my public hormonal crush (or, in the words of a dear student: my “cosmic orgasm”) are kind, supportive and lovely but men tend to be mean, jealous (well: can you blame them?! It´s Jude Law we´re talking about) and sour. What´s with the story, gentlemen?

Men have public crushes and opinions on women all the time and nobody sees it as strange or reproacheable when a woman does the same – after having actually met THE MAN she´s so publicly fond of – the crows fly over her head and critics on her mental sanity start to appear. Get a grip, boys! 

You know what? Just in case you haven´t heard: yes: I shortly met this fantastic ACTOR who also happens to be the most gorgeous male creature on earth (right after Paul Newman – RIP -, of course); yes, I had a new, life-changing, irrational stroke when my eyes met his eyes and ran away with an hormonal attack (the mentioned “cosmic orgasm”); yes, there was an array of dreams that followed, the idea for a novel, desires and a teenage like crush I am not shy about.

Wondering why this public crush pisses off so many people (mostly men)?! I love loving; love feeling alive; love men in general and Jude Law in particular; love being who I am and not being ashamed of it.

Plus: you gotta see The Man live. Yes: you, dear gentlemen! If you´re gay, you´re going to be on cloud 9 immediately; if you´re straight, you´re going to turn gay in a second. Here´s my word – just because. Just to piss you* off a little bit more.


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