Heading to USA (New York, Alaska and Chicago) to share the Magic of Egypt

178974_596291083728106_401731213_n Uncle Sam: Joana Saahirah´s arriving!

The Journey starts in New York and it ends (for now!) in Chicago. Workshops, shows, lectures and book “The Secrets of Egypt” launchings with one single purpose: the share a bit of the Magic I´ve discovered in 8 years of life and career in Egypt. Far away from your regular “bellydance” world – that´s for sure; VERY far away from the commercial, superficial, acrobatic aerobics that is so widely mixed up with genuine Egyptian Oriental Dance.

Bringaa4d4-xxxxxxxing back the Language of the Soul with passion, knowledge and the conviction of someone who actually digged in egyptian ground and went through hell and paradise to get where she is right now. Hope I´ll meet you in one of these cities.

Can´t wait to share the MAGIC with USA!*********************10417511_10152455692929886_264746204795952559_n

Email me for more details at dancemagica@gmail.com

 Alaska new poster two 10649909_846813965342482_8644559866720463177_n

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