“The Secrets of Egypt -Dance, Life & Beyond” – the winner is Sonja Antanasijevic


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And the WINNER to the New Contest “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” is …Sonja Antanasijevic!
Here´s the winning answer to the challenge
“Define Oriental Dance and tell us WHY it should be considered an Art Form (on the same level as other dances recognized as such)”: 
This is a good question to ask yourself once in while, but a complex one too – that’s good!:)
 It took me some days to try to figure out my answer to for now. From what I have experienced, anything could be art or an artwork – from cooking to writing poetry. And its not really about just beauty or usefulness or good idea, although all that could be a part of it.  Our own perspective and openness to something values it as an art or not.
 Some things move us, make us question ourselves and our perspective, idea of the world, some things disturb us, shake us and make us feel all those confusing and complex emotions, gives us experience, always new and different – but mostly if we let ourselves be moved, touched, hurt. Not everything depends on us only, but the way we deal with our experience is mostly our choice.
 I guess that is what I see as art, letting yourself experience, staying open as much as possible, being interested in what happens around and in us. It’s a movement, a process. That is what oriental dance is for me – a well of all the things mentioned and many other that I still did not experience or acknowledge. It opened the door to so many new things, from music and dance to people, I learned much more than on just dance steps and choreographies and never thought that it would be this way.
 When I dance or think about dancing, or listen to music (and all this is connected and not separable) I am faced with many question about myself, some are very disturbing, changes come brutally without postponing – but all that has such joy and beauty underneath. Oriental dance moves me in a way that I cannot really express yet, but the feeling is so overwhelming. “
By Sonja Antanasijevic
10489097_471038709697228_1877852109_nPrize: an autographed copy of the book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” by Joana Saahirah (yes: that´s me!  😉 and a PRIVATE ON LINE CLASS with me.

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