Joana Saahirah On Line Private Lessons

Dear Dancers and Students,

Private lessons oneIt´s with great joy I announce I am fully booked (USA TOUR and private lessons on line) until the last week of October.

Dancers who may wish to book ON LINE PRIVATE LESSONS with me, may do so from now (bookings open only for the first 3 weeks of November). I will secure the first confirmed subscriptions and my time is limited so be sure to book your classes in advance if they´re really important for you.  10438697_464230637044702_1165597221_n

*Bookings and informations request via email:

“Oriental Dance changed my life – I hope it can change yours too.”
JoanaSaahirah of Cairo
Joana Saahirah of Cairo is one of the most respected and well known oriental dancers and teachers in the world as well as the author of the book which is inspiring dancers all over the world: “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”10438173_10152471392194886_6263509277106095134_n1.jpg

After almost a decade of life and career in Egypt – where she performed with her own orchestra at the country´s best venues – Joana has been travelling the world to teach, perform and lecture about the treasures of Egyptian Oriental & Folkloric Dances.

Her dance style and teaching method are unique in their contents, purposes and effects. For Joana, Oriental Dance is not just “an exotic dance used for fitness” but an ART, a HEALING tool and a CREATIVE bridge to achieve the best version of ourselves.

 Joana Saahirah has created a series of PRACTICAL and THEORICAL ON LINE CLASSES (private classes) that fit each student/dancer´s level, needs and goals. Her private lessons are a combination of a settled dance program (that unites the best of East and West), a creative journey of self-discovery and contents that have in consideration the strongest points of each dancer as well as the points where she/he may need to improve.

Difficulty level will be increased according to the classes´rhythm and the student´s plan.

Technique, choreography & cultural context are provided and a varied array of styles is available to the student:

Classical and modern oriental dance;
Baladi extravaganza;
Shaabi crazy mix;
Percussion madness – the art of freedom;
Om Kolthoum special; Abdel Halim Hafez special; Mohamed Abdel Wahab special;
Ghawazy with sagats;

Saiidi – from tahtib to modernity;
Eskandaranie with mellaya;

The styles will be chosen according to the student´s interest as well as her/his technical level.


Body,mind,heart and soul: those are the dimensions of Joana Saahirah´s work (in teaching, performing, choreographing & writing).
Oriental Dance by Joana Saahirah – a truly holistic path towards the BEST VERSION of YOURSELF

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