(Gentle)men: deal breakers

1460128_557575017645818_655402549_nGentle)men: here are two things that I beg of you – in the name of womankind, I guess...- not to do for the sake of human understanding and peace.

1. Guys – male creatures who cannot be called men – using their children (or even worse: imaginary children) to “try*” to pick you up: BIZARRE, psychopath material. Seriously: DON´T. It´s not sexy, cute, interesting or anything remotely positive – it´s plain sick and it´s a one way ticket to Frankenstein land.

2. Leaving this kind of messages in women´s Facebook inboxes:

From: Mohamed Khairy
how are you ?
i like you much
and i want talk with you
please send me add if you want.”

My doubts about our evolution as human beings are strongly challenged when I receive one of these “Me, Tarzan; you, Jane” messages. Are you coming from the jungle, just recently arrived to the city – are you?! It´s bizarre and it makes me wonder what kind of woman falls for this Paleolithic approach (it worries me, in fact, that there are women who may fall for this).

Come on, you can do (be) better than that. I know you can.


“For he´s a jolly good fellow; for he´s a jolly good fellow; for he´s a jolly good fellow and nobody can deny.”

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