The Oxford effect – Wonder*land is still here


You can take the girl out of Oxford but you cannot take Oxford out of the girl*

Some places (and people) chase you like ghosts – Oxford (in England) is one of them.

Fact: I took a Creative Writing course in Oxford university (Corpus Christi college), one of the oldest and best academic institutions in the world. Of course I heard the comments: “what is a dancer going to do in Oxford college?!” ; “Wow: you´re really weird! Studying Creative Writing in Oxford – who would think?!” – thanks for the encouragements, folks!

Reality: I was supposed to have left after the course finished but I didn´t. I remained in Oxford after the course was wrapped and have apparently travelled out of there but not quite.

It seems that I´ve drowned in those waters and have no desire to go back to the surface; I´ve opened one of Oxford many doors and crossed Oxford many bridges and have no intention on leaving them behind.

For someone like me – used to be taken as the dumb blond in the room (until reality strikes to the costumary shock of the people who surround me) – studying in a place where my intelligence and talent are valued above appearances was a priceless gift.

You´re Marilyn Monroe speaking with the mouth of John Kennedy. They´re expecting Marilyn; then you open your mouth and BAM: BAM: BAM: KENNEDY! It´s bizarre…you must understand, right? – A dear friend of mine once commented, half jokingly.

Right. I do understand. 

Maybe I´ve gone to Oxford to confirm what I´ve known along the way: high quality education allows you to grow and reach out  from your potential AND LEARNING is all about QUESTIONING, THINKING for YOURSELF, DISCOVERING a passion for learning that comes from curiosity and the ambition of going beyond what has been done; learning is about INTER-ACTION between teacher and student, not just being a cup which is filled with data others have come up with. Sure enough: know the rules to break the rules; know what has been done in order to efficiently go for the daring NEW; know as much as you can but be aware that you have unique gifts yet to be explored and expressed. Learning – according to Oxford (and to me 😉 ) – is all about providing the tools to bring out those gifts.

Students who have learnt with me know I don´t expect them to be passive receivers of what I have to share – I trust their intelligence, sensibility, vision, feelings and insights and I request them to be INvolved in the whole learning process. Who are you? How do you perceive this material I´m showing you? Does it make sense to you or not? What can you add to it? What can YOU – not me but YOU – make of it? This is me, teaching; it´s also OXFORD (the ones who´ve studied there will perfectly understand what I mean).

Feeling blessed, grateful and honoured for all the gifts this life permanently puts at my disposal (it´s my job to make the best out of  them).

Indeed – you can take the girl out of Oxford but you can´t take Oxford out of the girl.


Down the river – heading to Abingdon


Corpus Christi college backyard (next to the famous Christ Church college where Harry Potter had some of its most iconic scenes filmed). The same landscape Lewis Carroll got inspired to write “Alice in Wonderland”.


Divinity School – also one of “Harry Potter”´s shooting spots.

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