The Dreamer is ON* (the Road) again

I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”10701968_10154584247960296_8583673675700135046_n
Henry David Thoreau, Walden

I´ve learnt that feeding miserable, sad, defeat oriented thoughts/energies/feelings cost as much focus and energy as feeding happy, upliting, victory oriented thoughts/energies/feelings. Don´t get me wrong: I still believe (and beliefs can change) we don´t hold 100% of our destinies on our hands: 50%, sure; 100%: dream on.

This is (yet) one more pearl Egypt has taught me: we can try to go against life/destiny/God´s plans but it´s a battle full of arrogance crashing, ruin and getting punched and pinched on the face. Fighting obstacles and adverse circumstances: hell, yeah! Been there, done it; but presuming the whole story depends solely on our will, wish projection, choices and actions is nothing but childish hope (then again, this is just the result of my life experience – NOT the universal truth).


My Hermes wings are ON*

The way I (learnt to) see it, it´s a TEAM WORK: we, humans, join hands with Life/God/Bigger Plan who plays us all like pieces in a mathematical game. Part of success is understanding (listening to the wind) the directions LIFE proposes and catching the trains (opportunities) when they pass us by. Then comes small (always small) lost battles; the so called rocks on the road, the price tags for each dream, the REAL price of FREEDOM.

This warrior (moi memme) needed a rest from the challenges and pressures of being on the spotlight for so many years; that rest hasn´t actually been satisfied but a new BREATH of fresh air was brought from Oxford (where I studied Creative Writing this Summer): a renewed sense of Magic and surrendering to Life´s Magical Flow: my personal “Alice in Wonderland“.

Life without dreaming is not life; dreaming without acting upon it is plain cowardice. Lazy bone wishers are not the kind of crowd that makes IT* happen; it´s the DOers, the risk takers, the ones who are open to the terrifying possibility of failure (and the even more terrifying possibility of winning), the ones who take step 1,2,3,4 and so forth that are the REAL DREAMERS*

If I tried to wish for a great dance, an amazing show, a brilliantly written book (my book) to show up, spick and span and headed for success, at my door step while I ate a cake and went for a nap? Of course I did. I´m nuts, as you may know. But: flash news: I ate my cake, took my nap and woke up to emptiness (go figure!): no great dance, show or brilliantly written book was left at my door step by good willed gobblins. Ok, I get it: I HAVE to MAKE IT HAPPEN (oh, how exhausting does this sound!).

Let´s do IT*, shall we? We may even find victory on the way up.


It´s called GUTS*, ladies & gentlemen.

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