A new (eternal) Oriental Dance teaching in a new (eternal) world

1501800_701950096495717_737756861_nDoing it* my way – always (new ways of teaching the ancient art of Oriental Dance)

Here´s THE thing: I´m never the same therefore my work is NEVER the same as it was yesterday. Plus:
I don´t believe in ARTISTS who keep repeating what they´ve already done or go for already tested (usually accepted by the majority) formulas.
Artists – and human beings who are kin on growing – are constantly willing to die and be born again, allowing their individual creativity (their peculiar finger print) to flourish and leave a mark in the world.
If you follow my work – and the Vision I have of my craft – you know by now I see* Oriental Dance everywhere. Sculpture, architecture, painting, theatre, cinema, a landscape, animals playing on the grass, children´s laughter – it´s all music, it´s all dance, it´s all LIFE. So it´s only fair that my Workshops and classes reflect that WIDE approach. If you´re expecting the usual 1,2,3 turn 1,2,3 hip drop, 1,2,3, circle kind of routine from me you´re in for a disappointment. I see Oriental Dance as an Adventure with a CORE and I believe there are many – original, creative, visionary – ways to guide students/dancers to that core.
I used sacred geometrical figures and painting (mostly Paul Klee and my sweet heart Pablo Picasso) on my LONDON MASTER CLAS1525489_453476774774559_976080584_nSES; I also used all kinds of exercizes and notes that are not on your usual “belly dance” class. On my NEW PRIVATE ON LINE CLASSES (on Skype) I am even using tools I never considered using and developing skills that were never required from me until now.
There´s a structure, an idea, a purpose for my classes (in all the teaching formats I use) but I am open to the SURPRISE element and the challenges and joys each dancer and teaching medium offer. Above all, I am open to LEARN while I teach.
 Some may think I am strange (they´re right) and others may ask what´s the point of bringing apparently foreign elements to a dance that is pretty much marked with the usual plain bullshit. Don´t ask. Really, don´t! I know what I´m doing. For those who doubt my “unique, strange” methods, I can only say: TRY one of my classes, workshops, whatever you can catch. Just TRY IT – then you can judge.
It´s a wicked, WIC10616263_904630542899648_5219004865371661930_nKED pleasure to open doors. Yep: I´m a door/gate opener and that is perhaps the job of the Artist I aim to become (every single day of my life).

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