“The selfie haters patrol” or the shadow carriers*

10644723_10152654589064886_4177866392803541616_o10628335_846970638660148_1162263087001032476_nThere´s no greater service to Humanity than the love you feel for yourself. In other words: unhappy, frustrated people are the most dangerous – they will not like to see others shinning, happy and thriving in their lives; they will project their own shadows upon other people´s light and will do whatever they can to put you down. I know it from direct – extensive – experience. 

So I called it the “the selfie hater patrol” – people who get mad, outraged, hysterical at other people´s self-portraits (in particular if those portraits show any sign of joy and self-confidence).

Can I go back to Oriental Dance (am I even allowed)?!

Teaching this dance with competence means, aside from many other things, to help people develop SELF-LOVE and ACCEPTANCE; it means to recognize their inner flame (fire; light) and help them shine; it means to communicate this often forgotten fact: YOU DESERVE THE SPACE YOU OCCUPY: YOU DESERVE THE GROUND YOU STEP IN: YOU DESERVE TO BE ALIVE, HAPPY AND GROWING. 

The more I know about li10615995_846969411993604_1460592995910865242_nfe, the more I love and respect this dance (magical, ladies & gentlemen, I´ll never get tired of saying it OUT LOUD and kill me for that!) and its infinite Wisdom. 

Live and let live (in love with yourself and the world) – in dance as in life*, as I always say. Celebrate who you are and inspire others to do the same – happy people want to see other people happy – now THAT*S a chain worth creating. 10377435_1490881971141079_4550632722186657493_n10599247_784856141564632_1182520853406333656_n10635825_10152654590604886_4445394255030621760_n

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