Sour cream*

It has been a long time since I´ve decided to only promote what10647142_898476066848429_5909549101291667264_n I love and simply ignore what I don´t – the fact that I got a LOT of the first may explain that decision. It would be such a waste of time and energy to complain and pinpoint what I dislike and also a way of promoting it (you know what they say: “I don´t care if they talk bad or good about me as long as they keep talking”. I could tell you about a name or two who have made whole careers out of this basic principle).

The world is, as you may know, dominated by marketing and the ones who sell better: the quality of the sold product is not relevant; what´s relevant is how well you can conceive people that what you have to sell is the last coca-cola in the desert. 

Dancers have asked me why I don´t usually share Oriental Dance videos and my answer keeps getting thicker and thicker under the same reason: first, I have limited time, patience and interest to watch videos; second, I love different subjects and, therefore, use my time to learn about all those subjects (out of the Oriental Dance realm); third, there aren´t a lot of interesting things going on in my area (Egyptian Oriental and Folkloric Dances) – at least not for me. The circus/aerobic/acrobatic act is still in the order of the day; superficiality, vanity (the “diva” syndrome) and ignorance still dominate the market; Oriental Dance as an Art form and as a Sacred Language is still foreign to most professionals and “professionals” of this area – I simply dislike what I see; it doesn´t add something positive to my mind, my heart, my life. 

I swam against the tide in Egypt for 8 years and decided that battle was not worth fighting anymore – I had (have) better things to do with my life. I´d built my career, my name, my identity as a Dancer and I´d rescued what I had to rescue on that land. It didn´t make sense to be a queen in that little kingdom – the world is wider and much greater than that.

Now I see I´m still swimming against the tide – even outside of Egypt. Ignorance, prejudices and the poor use of the dance I still love the most is everywhere – not an egyptian exclusivity. 

Trying to decide if this battle is worth it or not. 


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