Виктор Низовцев is a Russian painter, a master of whimsical and narrative art. Subjects include fantasy landscapes, Russian 10524742_897989693563733_7103080859941923110_nfolklore, theatre and mermaids. I’ve been on the hunt for Nizovtsev’s mermaids for a 10325231_897989653563737_7528880116553377553_nwhile now, and in total I have found 9 of them on the internet. I know there are more. He does them so well, and with such care, I imagine his studio overrun with them. I love the calm beauty of his10635872_897989743563728_8858835464433285519_n mermaids, relaxing in pools of lanterns, or sleeping at the bottom of the sea. Their fishtails are magnificent, with gold coinlike scales that practically shimmer on the canvas.

“Sleeping mermaids provoke a very deep response from the viewer. I believe this is because humans have always wanted to possess some magic power from the surrounding animal world, like large feathery wings that would allow 10600423_897989650230404_192921226848836283_n (1)them to fly or a scaly tail to propel them through the water like a fish. My mermaid seems surprisingly human because she is peacefully resting after a long day. Her face is peaceful, her dreams tranquil, her body’s position radiates calm and happiness. The painting captures these feelings.”

Via: Cult of Aphrodite Vintage


1545820_897989730230396_729673247338371781_n  10635887_897989790230390_162237059588135755_n  10603274_897989660230403_7643410317117265366_n10447530_897989683563734_643429191686699205_n

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