Fasten your seat belts!

10599211_10152447237583422_4909757106894716023_nSeptember, baby!

It´s here: the time to re-focus, fasten my seat belt and fly once more; a few more seeds planted in the earth; an upcoming USA TOUR to lovingly prepare; two book volumes to edit and one to publish; new wishes to be materialized – new dreams (public and private) to work for.

Re-defining the concept of SUCCESS and (still) learning to differentiate between the battles which are wonew yorkrth fighting and the ones which are just a plain waste of my time and energy.There´s no doubt: the world is becoming crazier and crazier and most people don´t seem to be adjusting well to THE SHIFT.  Compassion for each other´s fragility (humanity, after all) is in the order of the day.

New choreographies to teach; new shows to prepare; new PRIVATE ON LINE CLASSES TO PROVIDE; new books to publish and promote; new books to be written and an URGENT need for a revolution (an INNER revolution).

May God give me the ludicity of knowing where my smile truly resides – I´m done with the ghost chasing.

I know* September will be a WONDER*ful (full, full, full) month – hope you realize the same.



                                                                (Image courtesy: Elizabeta de Lacanne)

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