The Door Knocking Girl*

21276_532778006779349_1917262223_n“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was god.”

John (1:1) – Gospel of John, The Bible

Let´s be careful with words, shall we? I know I am. That´s why I refuse to use the word “obstacles” in order to speak about “obstacles”. Words uttered (written: even worse) are self-prophecies, as far as I know. Yes, yes: I´m ridiculously supersticious. A well respected (?) journalist (whatever that means) who once interviewed me in Egypt to write a profile about me (it was supposed to be about me and it ended up about himself…), was shocked – ladies & gentlemen: shocked! – because, and I quote, he “could not imagine how an intelligent person like you believes in such idiotic crap” (he was referring to Tarot, Numerology, the existence of the SOUL: all in all: the Life that exists beneath our small little tiny veiled myopic eyes).

No: I will not use the word “obstacles” so please imagine you never read it here; this never happened: me, writing this and you reading it. Do we have a deal?

Once upon a time there was a girl who knocked on many, many doors. She was, in fact and without ever applying for that job, a professional door knocker. The world was not searching – yet – for what she had to offer so she had to jump ahead, build her own shortcuts and knock on astonished doors of people who rarely understood her.

Here I am again knocking on doors – always a step ahead; always stubbornly against the tide. Some call me arrogant (and maybe I am): I have this strange inclination to only say, do or follow what´s in my soul. I eat what rings as truth inside my own sacred filter (heart) – the rest is a bag of cheap fried potatoes (greasy and shrunk).

Preparing my first USA TOUR; recovering from Oxford (will I?!); promoting my published book within the limited tools and time available and dealing with a Publishing Company that is nothing but a pack of burglars; knocking on doors to publish my next book: the trilogy (written in Portuguese) “Diary of Egypt – the crossing of the desert”) and writing some more. And more.

The result of this new peregrination is quite pleasant, according to common sense. I´ve received three positive answers from publishing houses in the space of one month (yey!!!!); I´ve attended those three meetings with these publishers but still…oh, the arrogance! there we go again…I feel my book deserves better. I deserve better (“who do you think you are, girl?!”). And, believe me, every person (in particular a woman) who dares to believe they deserve better tend to knock on many, many, many, doors. Many.

I believe, as I said, in the prophetic power of words. So: may patience be with me; may faith never leave me; may THE GOLDEN door open above all others; may, soon enough, all worthy doors come knocking on my window.


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