Moon Light


Half of the artist´s life is spent brooding and working in the background, away from the public eye; experimenting, dreaming, doing. Being exposed, under the spotlight, is amazing (my comfort zone) but having a moon space where we can plant, water and feed ourselves, our new projects and relationships, is what gives everything meaning.  I´ve been on stage, teaching, performing and lecturing for many years as well as labouring in the background – writing and dance projects. It ´s been wonderful to have a foot here and a foot there. Balance, they say. And they´re right. The luxury of time, space, self-knowledge and enjoyment of life´s pleasures – all that, and more which I´ll keep in my privacy – feed my work. Rich art comes from a rich life. You don´t have to take my word for granted – try it out.



Egyptian Dance, a language without limits by Joana Saahirah

It gives me immense pleasure to make notes for dancers, my students as well as people who have never studied with me; amateurs and professionals. The prejudices and misconceptions associated with Egyptian Dance are seemingly endless and it´s (part of) my job to dissipate them.

As Joana Saahirah´s Online School approaches its official opening (10th May!), my heart defines what´s more important to teach, aside from steps, movements and choreographies; my mind structures; my body materializes and my soul…well…my soul does what it has always done: it builds the bridges between the earth and the sky, it guides me, it shows me the way.

Thrilled, and grateful, for all the opportunities – co-created by yours truly or received from the Unknown – to turn my dreams into realities. All of them.

I´m (in) ❤

Venus Rising